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Pub. Fecha: 15/07/2018

Conocimiento, habilidades y experiencia

Phenom 300 (Lisbon or Warsaw based) Executive Jet Management Europe Executive Jet Management Europe (EJME), a NetJets business leading provider of Aircraft Management, Charter and bespoke aviation services, is currently recruiting a First Officer (Lisbon or Warsaw based). We are looking for type rated and non-type rated candidates.

Position Objective

Assist the Pilot in Command with the safe and efficient operation of the flight, assuming the command if the Commander is incapacitated, while providing the best customer service possible in order to ensure safe operations and customer satisfaction.

Key Responsabilities

– Carry out all duties allocated by the Commander to ensure the safety of all flights and passengers, in accordance with the aircraft Flight Manual, all company Standard Operating Procedures and applicable legislation;
– Assist the Commander with the safe and efficient operation of the flight;
– Confirm the safe navigation of the aircraft, maintaining a continuous and independent check of both the geographical position of the aircraft and its safe terrain clearance;
– Carry out all operational procedures and checklists, in accordance with the Airplane Flight Manual, Operations Manuals and as determined by the commander of the flight;
– Report to the Commander any occurrence or incident that has endangered or may have endangered safety;
– Report to the Commander any fault, failure, malfunction or defect which he/she believes may affect the airworthiness or safe operation of the aeroplane;
– Provide the best customer service possible at all times to the customer thereby contributing to customer satisfaction and retention.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

 – A minimum of 1500 hours total flight time
– Prior experience as a captain is an advantage;
– Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence with appropriate type ratings
– European Union class 1 medical
– Clear demonstration of excellent performance;
– Extensive European flight experience;
– Strong commercial aviation background (ETOPS and/or AIR OPS environment is an advantage);
– Military or airline training is an advantage;
– Fluency in English (preferably level 6), and a knowledge of two or more European languages is an advantage.

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